Feed Supplements/enTOP

About Feed Supplements

SRIBS BiotechniQs is a Company known for its initiatives in bringing innovative, cost effective, performance oriented and concept based products for Sustainable Aquaculture practices. Now introducing much awaited concept based product enTOP to empower Shrimp by augmenting growth and to contain EHP problem.

1. Optimization of utilization of proteins available in feed, then improving protein incorporation in cell, reduces nitrogen excretion and protects excessive protein degradation. enTOP improves the total immune competence by improving protective protein levels in the body along with healthier growth, thereby empowering shrimp body to fight against diseases.

2. The anti-fungal properties of the herbal component present in eigiop ensure control of EHP by:

•Blocking the adhesive mechanism in between EHP and the tubule epithelial cells of shrimp Hepatopancreas.

•Reducing or killing free EHP spores outside the cell.

•Interrupting the polar tube extension to the host cell by digesting the polar tube components, thereby blocking the infection procedure.

•Enhancing the helath condition and the recovering capability of the shrimp digestive system.


~ enTOP is a specialty combination of active ingredients of Piperine, Flavonoids, Polyphenols and Mannans in fine powder form enriched by plant extract concentrates with anti-fungal properties.

Benefits :

• Optimize utilization of proteins available in feed.
• Reduce dependence on chemical amino acids.
• Better FCR.
• Improve muscle mass and weight gain.
• Relieve stress.
• Empower shrimp with top energy to prevent EHP.