As the culture progress the quantities of feed input increases along with increasing biomass. Scientifically more than 25% feed is not been able to consumed by the fish/shrimp, it disintegrate in to the pond water. All these disintegrated protein rich feed gets accumulated at the pond bottom over period of time and cause generation of toxic gases like nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and create anoxic conditions at the pond bottom. 

Pond bottom is the place where the shrimp/ fish rest during the day time. If the pond bottom condition is not comfortable then these species become restless, forced to stress themselves and become physically weak. The weak shrimp/fish then become more vulnerable for pathogenic bacterial and protozoan attack as primary infection and there after viruses as secondary infection. Timely action can not only prevent the primary infection but also the formation and accumulation of toxic gases at the pond bottom, thus help to maintain pond bottom free from toxic gases and prevent anoxic conditions.

SRIBS introducing cheQz- a high quality, improved silicate based adsorbent with high cationic exchange capacity to effective control of toxic pollutants and also to improve oxygen component in the pond water.

Algal crash is a common phenomenon in aquaculture. During algal crash all the dead algae settle down at the pond bottom. This organic load causes several pollution problems such as generation of toxic gases, lab.

cheQz is very effective adsorbants, even in low dosage effectively relives pond environment from pollution related problems relatively faster than any other product.