Due to prolonged culture time in Shrimp and Fish aquaculture the soil and water quality deteriorates considerably and triggers the growth of pathogenic bacteria, protozoa, fungus and external parasites. These pathogens cause severe diseases and damage the health of cultured species. Timely disinfection would restore the health, before it causes severe damage. Presently several farmers are using raw chemicals deliberately for disinfection, such usage in already infected ponds in turn aggravate the stress factor further for the animal as also to the environment.

Presently farmers are using strong Chlorine based products to disinfect the pond water before stocking. This will not only deteriorate pond environment as also alter the pond parameters, which may cause problems after stocking and during the culture. Once stocking is done, from the initial stage to till the end of cycle Vibrio pathogen infection problem is more visible across the globe. So far there is no such product which can be used from initial stage to till the end of culture cycle for preventing Vibrio infection.

SRIBS introduced a world class latest disinfectant technologies dTab (Chlorine dioxide) in tablet form to be used before stocking to disinfect the pond water preSoft (Cationic Polymeric compound based) in liquid form to be used from initial to the end of culture cycle. These two products are non-corrosive, eco-friendly and do not alter any of pond parameters when used recommended dosages, so that there will not be any stress to cultured species.

SRIBS also introduced specially designed three different specialty disinfectants - suPerio, uniQsan and QUA80, for pond water sanitation. suPerio and uniQsan were carefully designed and formulated with iodophor and formaldehyde base respectively. Their structural activity augmented with quats, ethoxylates and stabilizers in suitable proportions, so that they can be highly effective even in minimum dosage without altering pond conditions, unlike other disinfectants these two disinfectants are stable, cost-effective with minimum dosage. These disinfectants when used they act tough on target pathogen without causing any stress to the fish/shrimp/prawn as also the environment. Being non-toxic and biodegradable they are the best quality disinfectants for prevention as well as treatment for the infection.