Pond preparation :

A : Disinfectantslike Bleaching/Nuvan totally damages plankton. Their effect retains longer time in pond environment, at the same time plankton development takes more time than normal in turn delays stocking.

New generation technology product - dTab (Chlorine dioxide) tablets are the best replacement for the Sterilizers mentioned above. Application of chlorine dioxide tablets effectively sterilize the water(makes water free from bacteria and virus) without causing any damage to plankton development.

dTab Dosage :
1Kg/Acre@3 Feet water depth
Stocking can be done in three days time after dtabusage.

A : Continuous application of disinfectants, pesticides, inorganic chemicals and over usage of minerals than the required dosage, damage the outer layer of the soil. It causes eco-imbalance, then the soil gradually loses its fertility and becomes weak. This situation creates convenient atmosphere for the development of harmful microorganisms.

Charzup is a product made up of Natural Organic Carbon Complex with activated minerals and herbal extracts. Charzup is the best product to re-charge the Soil environment in natural way. Charzup enhance soil fertility and creates balanced eco system in aquaculture ponds.

Charzup Dosage :
40 kg/acre @ pond preparation
20 kg/acre during culture

A: Application of sterilizers results in total planktonic crash which forms Organic load even before stocking. This Organic load triggers the development of toxic gases, Vibrio and ultimately causes stress, this situation increasesthe chance of diseases like EMS.

Application of a good quality water and soil probiotic like ppM at least 3 days before stocking can decompose the organic load and prevents the formation of toxic gases and vibrio.

200 g/Acre @ 3 Feet water depth
Degrades organic load and prevents vibrio

A : Due to continuous culture cyclefertility of soil diminishes,and in addition application of sterilizers results in poor or weak plankton development. Plankton development needs wide range of micro, nutrients &probiotics. Application of traditional products not yielding desired results.

An innovative natural unique productPlanqta contains rich essential minerals, Probiotics to augment the process of plankton development.

Planqta Dosage:
2.5 Kg/Acre

During Culture :

A : Outbreak of white spot virus is a common phenomenon in Shrimp culture. Shrimp is vulnerable to this virus infection irrespective of DOC, results in total loss of culture. Application of Antibiotics/sanitizers/Other products showed no results. Whitespot virus can be prevented by using new gene based technology products. SRIBS introduced this technology product in India as yebaton. This technology is called as Gene Silencing /AntiSense technology. The gene based Oligonucleotide present in the product blocks the translation to silence the viral properties thus can prevent viral infection.

Yebaton Dosage:
2 to 3 g/Kg feed twice a day for first 10days
2 g/Kg feed in one meal every day lowers the chances of whitespot infection

A : Present scenario, EHP disease has become a major threat to aquaculture industry. EHP is a Fungal parasite, whichis damaging the digestive system of the shrimp and making it weak and inactive, dueto this, protein available in feed is not totally digested. Hence the growth rate in shrimp rapidly comes down. This increases the culture duration and the counts may vary from 100 to 90 in 100 days of culture. It is very hard to kill or treat this parasite during culture.

We can control this parasite with a new generation technology. This works in two dimensions. 1. This product contains complete profile of amino acids which induces the digestive system and helps in digesting protein completely. This supplies more energy to the shrimp and induces growth rate.

2. The phyto extracts present in this product creates a screen in front of the Hepato pancreas and tries to prevent the entry of parasite in to the body of the shrimp. These phyto extracts are also alkaline in nature and brings shrimp body in to alkaline nature and Shrimp can get resistance to fight against the pathogen.

Entop Dosage :
3 to 5 g/kg feed in normal conditions
5 to 10 g/kg feed in infected conditions

A: pH is a key factor in aquaculture pond to maintain healthy environment. Quality and sustainable algal bloom plays an important role in maintaining pH. By maintaining good pond bottom and water quality (free from organic load) helps to control algal crash and imbalance in pH. It is a known fact that stable algal bloom contributes 50% success in aquaculture. Periodical application of quality water and soil probiotic ppM helps to sustain stable plankton, control fluctuations and balance pH.Degrade the organic load continuouslythereby prevents toxic gas and vibrio formation. Maintains optimum pH, good water quality and clean pond bottom.

ppM Dosage :
200 to 250 g/Acre or 1 lakh seed for every 7 to 10 days

A: Mineral deficiency is very common phenomenon in Vannamei culture. Minerals are very essential for the metabolic activities, shell formation and for good growth. Continuous culture causes low fertility of soil and waters. Due to this pond environment does not support the mineral needs of the Shrimp culture. Application of bulk minerals (unavailable form/macro)does not complement the cause, instead resulting in white muscle and mortality.

Perfect mineral product should be a complete package of micro, macro, constructive minerals in available form. This kind of minerals doesn't alter the alkalinity or hardness. These minerals can easyly absorbed by the animal and prevents white muscle, stress and mortality.

Pondmin+++ Dosage
5Kg / Acre or Per1 Lakh seed once in 7 to 10 days as per requirement

A: Nitrites are toxic form of NH3. Generally nitrites accurs during plankton crash and accumulation along with feed waste at pond bottom. Nitrites cause severe stress to Shrimp. In some cases such as CMNV(Covert mortality Noda virus) presence nitrites can cause mortality upto 80%.

Probiotics containing Nitrobactor and Nitrosomonos species, which can prevent/control nitrite concentration and can decrease mortality.

DNB forte Dosage :
1 to 2 L /Acre prevent/control nitrites and ammonia Also control black gill

A: Ammonia is a common and very dangerous pollutant in aqua culture. Ammonia causes oxygen problems, stress to the shrimp and results mortality. We have to mix zeolite and yucca to clear total ammonia. This application gives temporary relief only. It cannot degrade organic load and ammonia continues to produce on regular basis.

BCG is a three dimensional new technology. BCG comes in granular form. It contains high quality zeolite, yucca, nano soil boosters and probiotics. This product controls total ammonia and also degrades organic loads. This product is very easy and simple to use.

BCG Dose :
10kg/ Acre or one lakh seed

A: Application of general sanitizers such as halogen compounds, formalin, BKC etc. cause stress to Shrimp and causes plankton crash, results in polluted pond bottom and stress may lead to mortality.

We can control pathogens like Vibrio very effectively (without causing stress to Shrimp and without causing any damage to plankton) by applying new generation sanitizers (Cationic Polymeric compounds).PreSoft is a polymer based non-corrosive soft disinfectant with out any side effects on shrimp/pond environment.

Presoft Dosage :
1 to 3 L / Acre as per DOC
Can apply even at 10 DOC

A: Timely application of non corrosive, fast and sustain form of oxygen releasers and gas absorbents

We can control pathogens like Vibrio very effectively (without causing stress to Shrimp and without causing any damage to plankton) by applying new generation sanitizers (Cationic Polymeric compounds).PreSoft is a polymer based non-corrosive soft disinfectant with out any side effects on shrimp/pond environment.

actiO Dosage :
0.5 to 1 Kg / Acre as per requirement

A: Scientifically the exact reason for white gut problem in shrimp is not established. General perception is that, when the pond bottom accumulated with high organic load and forms sludge, as also growth of toxic algae which may be consumed by shrimp causes white gut. On the other hand digestive tract infection and stress also may cause white gut

Solution: may be degradation of organic load with the help of effective probiotic and feeding with Good quality high strength herbal anti-bacterial agents and gut probiotics

BioNa+ Dosage :
5 g BioNa / kg feed in one meal a day as preventive dose
5 g BioNa / kg feed twist a day as curative dose

A: Indiscriminate use of antibiotics, high density, low aeration, poor or imbalanced feeding, stress (climatic fluctuations) causes poor or stunted growth

Solution: using enzymatic gels with complete nutrient profile can help in boosting immunity to with stand fluctuations and improve digestion thus promotes growth

Grofast Dosage :
10 ml / kg feed in one meal a day

A: During molting process the delay in shell hardening makes shrimp more vulnerable for infections and injuries. Delay in shell hardening may be due to non-availability of certain minerals which may block the needful process

Solution: usage of specially formulated products which helps in construction of carapace (shell) and muscle (combination of calcium, potassium and magnesium along with suitable nutrients in available form)

Capos Dosage :
10 ml / kg feed ones or twist a day as per requirement