Feed Supplements

Since feed cannot be formulated with vitamins, essential amino acids and other nutrients as they lose their structural properties and become ineffective under high temperature processing of feed pelletization. As fish and shrimp do not have mechanism to synthesize essential vitamins and amino acids, it is very important to supplement feed with essential vitamins, amino acids, pro biotic and enzymes before fed to fish and shrimp. These nutrients play key role in healthy growth and develop defense mechanism to combat diseases.

SRIBS specially designed useful nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and immunostimulant into five different products for value added feed supplementation at various stages of culture, so that the cultured species grow healthy and faster. Byusing these products the farmer saves lots of cost and energy at the same time culture with lesser problems.

GROfast - A liquid form growth promoter enriched with vitamins, amino acids for faster and healthy growth.

MINAS - Contains essential macro and micro nutrients with Vitamins and Amino acids in available form to enhance healthy growth.

HIBindz - A liquid form binder gel with nutritional value for binding all the powder form feed supplements to feed pellets.

toPro - A powder form probiotic feed supplement enriched with beta glucon as immunostimulant to strengthen digestive and immune system.

Loose shell is major problem to shrimps during aquaculture. After periodic molting process, due to non-availability of Calcium and Phosphorus proper hardening of shell delayed and it will affect the process of normal healthy growth of shrimp.

CaPos  gel - Is an innovate formulation in gel form with available Calcium and Phosphate administrated through feed supplementation to control loose shell problems.

enTOP - In recent times, the shrimp farms in the Southeast Asia have been affected by the microsporidian parasites, EnterocytozoonHepatoPenaei (EHP) in vannamei culture. Though EHP is not associated with mortality of the shrimps, it will cause growth retardation and white feces causing significant economic losses to shrimp culture.

A prevalence of EHP from about 18.5% to as high as 79.5% has been reported in Southeast Asian Countries. Till now there is no valid treatment available for Shrimp farmers because EHP produces spores which are highly resistant and stable for long time in soil and water.

SRIBS Biotechniqs is a Company known for its initiatives in bringing innovative, cost effective, performance oriented and concept based products for Sustainable Aquaculture practices. Now introducing much awaited concept based product enTOP to empower Shrimp by augmenting growth and to contain EHP problems.