Perfect Pond Management/PPM

About Perfect Pond Management

ppM® is specially designed, synergistic blend of various beneficial microorganisms and enzymes as:

Major Advantages

Degrades a variety of organic waste.
Improves the pond environment-pond water and soil quality.
Efficient and specific in action. 
Cost-effective, non pathogenic and safe to handle. 
Easy application and storage. 
Eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Fish/Other species

Apply 500 g/Ha pond every 10 days. 

Recommended application procedure

Product may be mixed thoroughly with water and immediately broadcast uniformly onto the pond water from dock or feeding boat. early morning application advisable(before sun shine). dosage may vary based on the prevailing pond condition or as per advice of our technical person.


20 x 250 g pouch packed in drum.


PPM should be stored in cool and dry place.