Feed Supplements/BioNA

About Feed Supplements

Specialty formulation with Allium sativum base scientifically blended with selected natural Indian herbal extract concentrates with anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties

  • Acts as an effective immunostimulant
  • Enhance disease resistance in natural way
  • Stimulates hepato pancreas very effectively
  • Controls swollen gut, broken gut, empty gut and improves feed intake
  • Lowers FCR levels
  • Controls white gut
  • Improves the pigmentation of the shrimp
  • Effectively controls wide range of pathogens
  • No presence of synthetic antibiotics
  • No side effects to cultured species and environment
  • Easy to use and cost effective


Shrimp: 5-10 Gm per Kg feed fish and other aquaculture.
Species: 5 Gm per Kg feed.

Recommended dosage may be throughly mixed with adequate quantity of binder gel and then applied on to the feed then allow the mixed feed to dry for 15 minutes in shade then it may be broadcasted in to the pond quantity of the dosage may be increased or decreased based on the severity of infection or consult our technical field staff or your aquaculture specialist for specific instructions.


Store in airy, cool and dry place.


500 Gms Pouch.