Oxygen Generating Products

In a confined aquaculture pond, gradual accumulation of unutilized feed, dead algae, fecal matter etc. raises the organic load at the pond bottom. This load absorbs all the available oxygen at pond bottom, by way of oxidation process and creates anaerobic condition. in the absence of oxygen, noxious gases like hydrogen sulphide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2-) etc. become more stable and these depleted dissolved oxygen conditions trigger stress to the cultured species and cause severe health problems ultimately leads to mortality if timely action not taken.

Present practices of using peroxides for controlling dissolved oxygen problems in aquaculture may relieve the pond environment with instant release of oxygen. Scientifically instant release of oxygen from peroxides may cause stress to the cultured species as also to the environment.

actiO  is a new generation active oxygen releasing product specially formulated for aquaculture to control/reduce the problems raised by the depletion of dissolved oxygen levels in aquaculture ponds.