Perfect Pond Management

Perfect pond management Aquaculture is one of the fastest developing growth sectors in the world and Asia presently contributes about 90% to the global production. However, frequent disease outbreaks are constraint to aquaculture production thereby affects both economic development of the country and socio-economic status of the local people in many countries of asia-pacific region. Disease control in aquaculture industry has been achieved by following different methods using traditional ways, synthetic chemicals and antibiotics.

However, the use of such expensive chemo- therapeutants for controlling diseases has been widely criticized for their negative impacts like accumulation of residues, development of drug resistance; immunosuppressant and reduced consumer preference for aqua products treated with antibiotics and traditional methods are ineffective against controlling new diseases in large aquaculture systems.

Therefore, alternative methods need to be developed to maintain a healthy microbial environment in the aquaculture systems there by to maintain the health of the cultured organisms. Use of probiotics is one of such method that is gaining importance in controlling potential pathogens. With increasing demand for environment friendly aquaculture, the use of probiotics in aquaculture is now widely accepted.

SRIBS Biotechniqs, known for introducing innovative, time based and cost effective technologies for sustainable aquaculture practices, now brings a concept product BcG. BcG is based on advanced innovative research, designed for triple action by fusion of three different components – Adsorbents, Probiotics and the Nano Soil Boosters (NSB) in tri colour granule form.

These granules when applied to pond directly reach pond bottom and settle in sludge to kickstart the triple action.

Adsorbents present in granules clear total ammonia and other toxic gases.

Probiotics degrade organic load, to create healthy conditions.

Speciality Nano Soil Boosters (NSB), besides being excellent soil conditioner, also acts as good absorbent to remove the bad odour.

Thus BcG significantly improves the pond bottom condition for healthy growth of Shrimps.